Published: 17th January 2009
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It has been around since 1936.

It has a life expectancy, if well maintained, of nearly 75 years.

It is the least repaired vacuum in the world (most people only need to replace a roller brush belt every five years at fifty cents).

It uses tap water (which is free), instead of a bag. The water traps 99.997 % of all dirt, filth, dust mites and their fecal matter (which is a leading allergy causing agent).

Since it uses water instead of bags or filters, a Rainbow owner will save over $7,000.00 over a forty year period in the cost of bags and filters. If you use a bag or filter vacuum, did you know that you were spending that much in your lifetime for those two items?

It is one of the world's best air purifiers which can be run for fifteen minutes on high speed to quickly clean the air or run on low speed 24/7 as a super quiet, continuous air purifier. It traps 99.997% of all airborne dirt, filth, and allergens in a swirling bath of water.

It is a hard wood, linoleum, tile, and cement floor cleaner, washer and scrubber. A three function professional floor scrubber/broom/squeegee attachment which attaches to the Rainbow is also available for purchase.

It has a very powerful carpet cleaner power nozzle that is used solely for your rugs and carpeting..the most powerful and efficient carpet cleaning unit made. This attachment has an easy to use pistol-grip handle which is designed to not strain the hand muscles. This is very beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

It has a powerful electric mini-vac (Rainbowmate) which attaches to the power nozzle handle and hose, and it is the world's number one pet hair and pet allergen remover. Most people use it to clean their furniture, stairs, and bedding in order to remove the millions of dust mites and their fecal matter which are retained in all furniture, bedding, and pillows.

It has both a mini carpet shampooer stain remover and a large, versatile, lightweight carpet shampooer that attaches to the Rainbow. It is the only carpet shampooer to both shampoo and then rinse your carpeting with clear water.

Both the eSeries and eSeries E2 rainbow vacuums have a hepa filter in them. However, it is at the back of the system, not the front, and it is there only to catch any elements which cannot be trapped by the water. The water is the first line of defense and the hepa filter is a minor second defense. Remember, the water system traps 99.997% of all dirt, filth, and dust mites that are sucked into the Rainbow's tightly sealed water trap system. Therefore, the hepa filter is imply simple behind the water system to trap any non-water soluble particles which may enter the rainbow. For example, dry wall is a non-water soluble material that cannot be trapped in the water basin. The hepa filter catches the .3 % of particles that are not trapped by the water. Here's some great news...since the the hepa filter traps so very, very few particles with each use, it only needs to be cleaned in the dish washer one time every two years and it only needs to be replaced every seven to nine years.

Finally, when you add up all of the functions that the Rainbow accomplishes and the fact that it uses water versus all of the different items and machines and bags or filters that you need to purchase to do those various functions with a conventional bag or filter vacuum, you end up saving an astrological amout of money $$$$$ over a period forty years cleaning your home.

A. By using free tap water, it replaces all of the bags and filters that you would purchase over a 40 year period of time.

B. By using the Rainbow, you eliminate the need to purchase brooms, mops or swiffer floor washing / scrubbing systems.

C. By using the Rainbow, you eliminate having to buy any air purifiers in the future.

D. By using the Rainbow, you eliminate buying aromatic plug-ins, candles, air fresheners, airborne germ sprays, and disinfectants or Fabreze.

F. By purchasing the Rainbow, you can eliminate the need to buy or rent a carpet shampooer or pay professionals to come and do the job. Simply use the Rainbow's patented carpet shampooer and it is the only one in the world that will rinse the toxic shampoo out of your carpeting after shampooing. Shampoo eventually dries in your carpet fibers and it turns into a toxic powder and eventually enters into your indoor environment. Your babies and children will also breathe it in as they crawl or play on the carpeting and furniture.

G. By purchasing the Rainbow, you will eliminate the need for a mini-vac as the Rainbow has a powerful electric mini-vac that attaches to it. It is the world's best pet hair remover, and it can also be used for quick messy pick-ups. It is used to clean the dust mites off of your furniture, bedding, and pillows. It can also clean your stairs, inside your car, and it also gets in the tight little corners of your home.

H. By purchasing a Rainbow vacuum, which has a life expectancy if well maintained of up to 75 years, you will eliminate the need to buy any more conventional vacuums. The normal family buys, on average, a new bag or filter vacuum every four years at nearly $300.00. This means that a family will purchase ten conventional vacuums in a forty year period at a cost of $3,000.00. But what about those families who spend $500 to $800 on their conventional vacuums over a 40 year period? That totals $5,000.00 to $8,000.00!

If you add up the cost of the items stated above for an average conventional vacuum buyer, it would total between $19,000 and $24,000. For a higher priced conventional vacuum owner, the total would be between $35,000 and $40,000.

By purchasing a Rainbow, instead, you could keep between $18,000 and $24,000 of your hard earned money!

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